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My name is Sarah Hogan,

I’m a highly skilled Sports Massage, Soft Tissue, Scar and Remedial Therapist, Menopause Coach,Pre & Post Natal Coach & Personal Trainer who also specialises in Mindful Movement Therapy and Pilates.

I can take you the whole way through your journey at every life stage.

If you’re worried about anything maybe returning to exercise because of a previous back condition or if you have painful hips or knees, maybe you've just had a baby and you just don't feel right, you've had abdominal surgery and you are worried about your scar, are you suffering with hot flushes and don't know what to do to get comfy and feel like you? Is your pelvic floor health worrying you? Or maybe you just need some blissful time for you!!

Being a women brings many complex changes along the years so here’s my solution for you...

We can have an initial 1-2-1 appointment to delve a little deeper, then we can decide how we will continue 1-2-1 with a specialised bespoke tailored programme.​

You might start seeing me for some Sports massage and Remedial Therapy then we can progress you onto one of my specialised bespoke courses that will cater entirely for your needs at your stage of life....

Beyond The Scar is my incredible unique programme for women who have birthed via C-Section, experienced a Hysterectomy and other Gynaecological/Female surgeries that involve abdominal incisions.

Are you peri or post menopausal and feeling lost?

I'm a highly qualified menopause coach and I can help you through this stage of your life with my Thrive programme.

Maybe you're a new mum and you feel like your pelvic floor and core will never be the same again.

Maybe you have a gap where your muscles have separated.

Don't worry I can help you with my Restore Programme,

Now let me tell you a little bit more about me and why I'm passionate to help you live a more comfortable, confident and pain free life.

All of my life I've been dancer and from the age of 16 a fitness instructor. I was very lucky to have sailed through my early career without injury, dancing all over the world and teaching hundreds of women about fitness movement and nutrition, but then I hit my late 40's (I don't know how that happened!!) and boom one thing after another.

Four years of nasty injuries, weight gain, peri menopause, anxiety, depression, lethargy, lack of motivation, all the time delivering classes and trying to stay bubbly and happy while feeling so unconfident and uninspired inside.

I tried numerous physios, massage therapy, nutrition and classes to get me back on my feet ( some times literally!) Some therapists where fabulous and some were well actually quite shocking!

( more of that to come in my blogs!)

So I thought I can do this! I can help women out there like me to feel fabulous and confident, to know that they are not alone that there is some one like them going through the same feelings and thoughts but has the ability to support them and voila Sarah's Wellness Movement was born!

I'm passionate about helping women recover from all of those niggly pains and aches, recover after childbirth,  fill in that gap where you may feel lost with no one to turn to, but also I like to focus on helping busy women rediscover exercise , be healthy and embrace a lifestyle of wellness that will fit into their everyday schedule.

I love to deliver gorgeous feel good classes, treatments and therapies for all of you wonderful busy women out there and to help and create a very special and unique personalised time for you to fit in your life.

So if you feel achy, are injured, fed up with your weight or life in general, wanting to get some movement back in your life or just want to have some wonderful nurturing you time,I'm here to help you achieve your goals from pre natal to menopause!!

Please feel free to contact me and we can work together to get you feeling like you again.

If you are unsure of what to book I offer free 15 minute consultation calls just click link below to book.

Sarah's Wellness Movement
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